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last updated March 2007

This page has been added to give some basic information on new video related products that we are either developing or are supplying, but are not listed elsewhere. It is here that you will also find a summary of latest alterations to this site.

Video camera control (LANC)

We have designed various LANC controllers, for Sony and other video cameras. We have small key-fob units and have developed our nine button controller which has variable speed zoom, focus, etc.We have PC controlled LANC interfaces and can write comprehensive control software for you. We have helped in the final development of the Keene Electronics unit.

We have developed dozens of different lanc controllers for all sorts of applications, including for use in under water camera housings, multi-camera control, etc. far too many controllers to show here. We can normally build what you want within a few days, so if you have any LANC control requirements, then email us. 

Battery belts and systems

We have developed a professional modular battery belt system, which can be tailored to your particular requirements. Our preferred battery technology operates down to -40deg C (yes . . . well below freezing point of water), and will deliver power when most other battery systems fail. We can repair and recell any system, even if not made by ourselves. 

Video Capture cards

We are authorised resellers of the Canopus Video Capture cards. (DVRex, DVRaptor, & RexRT). Canopus is one of the few manufacturers to design capture cards specifically for Video, and it is this approach that allows flawless capture at a reasonable cost.

Non linear editing systems

With over 30 years building and installing computer systems, 25 years with PC's, Ray West can design and build your PC based NLE system to your requirements. We can assist in setting up your existing equipment, advise on upgrades and work with you on getting the most from any system. 


We can design, develop and build virtually any electromechanical device you may require. We have prototyping facilities in house, and have good relationships with other suppliers so that small production runs of equipment can be produced.

Email us at raywest@raywest.com with your particular requirements or go to our 'contact us' page for our phone numbers or postal address.

Battery adapter plates

The Sony PC7 and PC10 camcorders use relatively expensive 'info-lithium' batteries. Our neat battery mounting plate allows the use of the more usual range of Sony 'info-lithium' batteries, which are more commonly available at a lower cost. 

Microphone mounts

The internal microphones on most camcorders pick up the camera motor noise, button clicks, etc. Mounting an external microphone to the standard camera shoe does not reduce this noise significantly, and if you have a small pocket sized camera, then you may be unable to use the viewfinder, since the back of the microphone protrudes beyond the viewfinder cup. Our microphone mount reduces motor noise transfer, and allows the camera viewfinder to be used. 

Equipment storage

The same people who make the fabric parts of our camera belts, have years of experience in manufacturing storage bags for production units. If you want a bag for a particular piece of equipment, then contact us. 

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