Ray West (Consultancy)

Battery belts and systems

Our modular battery belt concept means that we can speedily provide a battery system tailored specifically to your voltage/current capacity requirements. At a later date, the system can be easily altered or upgraded. Since we also manufacture connectors and leads then it is possible to connect the battery system to virtually any device. For example, our batteries can provide the fully charged 8.4V that lithium battery systems produce (nominal 7.2V), and have a gradual discharge curve. Unlike Ni-cads, it is not necessary to take time discharging the battery fully as there is no memory effect, so recharging can take place immediately. Also, these batteries will supply energy between the temperature range of -65 degC and +65 degC, a far wider range than for other systems, and they have a greater energy storage capacity.

Because we do not need to keep large stocks of different belts, the cost can be surprisingly low for such bespoke systems.

In addition we can supply charging systems of various types, including solar panels.

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