Ray West (Consultancy)
Editting video on a personal computer
The increase in performance, coupled with the continuosly decreasing cost of hardware makes it feasable to carry out non linear editting on a personal computer. Please note 'feasable' does not mean 'always possible'.

If you look in the usual PC magazines, you will see systems ranging in price from £1500.00 or so. Be careful! The majority of these suppliers are box shifters, and basically haven't a clue about professional video editting. At least one large retailer with full page advertisements has nobody in the company who can advise on NLE. Furthermore, the way in which the common (Microsoft based) operating systems have evolved, together with the necessity of maintaining 'backwards compatability' of hardware, means that most of the products available just do not work as advertised.

However, we have built systems to 'broadcast quality' (by that we mean the video produced on our equipment has been broadcast by the BBC, who are happy with the quality of the resultant tape), and at a reasonable cost.

If you are wanting to capture video into a PC, edit it, and output the final result onto video tape, cd, or whatever, then we can help you.

We promise, you will get no 'hard sell', nor lies about the capabilities of the systems, since we build systems strictly to your requirements. We also offer installation, and training. If you wish to build the system yourself, or use a supplier nearer to your location, then we can advise you on the best way to proceed.