Ray West (Consultancy)
Battery Adapter Plate

The Sony PC7 and PC10 camcorders use relatively expensive 'info-lithium' batteries. Our neat battery mounting plate allows the use of a much lower cost Sony 'info-lithium' battery, such as the NP-F550, which is more commonly available.

The illustration at the top of the page shows the adapter plate with a NP-F550 battery attached to a PC7 camera.

The use could not be simpler, since the NP-550 type battery is simply clipped into the plate, and the plate is then clipped into the camera or charger as necessary. The battery may be removed and replaced with another as required because the plate is neither permanently attached to the camera or the battery. Please note that the info-signals will not be enabled, as Sony changed their protocol.

The plate can also be used with other power sources, and instructions are included for this.

We can also supply conversion plates for other cameras which use the more usual Ni-cad batteries.