Ray West (Consultancy)

RWC LANC video camera control

We have developed a nine button Lanc controller for cameras. The standard functions available are : camera on, camera off, Auto focus on/off, focus in, focus out, white balance reset, zoom in, zoom out, record start/stop.

Additional functions are obtained by pressing two buttons together. These functions include: white balance set, and three additional zoom speeds for both zoom in and zoom out. This gives a choice of four zoom in speeds, and four zoom out speeds.

There are two leds, one to indicate camera is on and lanc connection OK, the other flashes when the camera is in record mode. The unit is available in a machined aluminium case for about 120.00, or as a part assembled and tested pcb at 65.00. The part assembled unit has been very popular with users of underwater cameras, since the pcb measures only 75mm x 35mm, it easely fits inside most waterproof camera housings, and you can add your own switches for the functions you require. If you wish, we can also program the unit for the normal VCR mode functions. If you require different or additonal functions e.g. fade, superimpose, etc. then contact us

We have also designed a small keyfob controller. This was requested for starting/stopping cameras mounted in rally cars. This is proving useful in other applications also. We can program in up to 3 functions of your choice. The keyfob measures 30mm x 50mm x 15mm, prices from about 50.00.

We have various PC serial port LANC devices. Like the rest of our controllers, these can be powered from the camera's LANC jack, or via a separate battery. We can help you develop your own software, or write it for you. We include basic software to allow you to control the camera from your PC. (Software currently for MS Windows 98). Prices from about 55.00.

These units are normally supplied with a LANC cable to your specified length up to about 2 or 3 metres long, but longer cables are possible. All of our controllers, even the partbuilt kits, are tested with a Sony camera before sending to you. They work with Sony and Canon and JVC cameras, which use the Sony LANC protocol. They do not work with Panasonic cameras, who seem to have gone their own way with LANC.

If you have other requirements, including radio control, waterproof controllers or whatever,then contact us