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This page has been added, to give a breathing space before designing and loading the more detailed information.

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         It appears that someone is spoofing random user names with our yertiz domain name in order to send spam or virus. You will never get a genuine email from the yertiz domain name, so do not open any such emails, just delete them.

          Of course, we will reply promptly to any valid emails addressed to, but the reply will come from elsewhere.

September 22nd 2010 - links modified

March 12th 2007 - link added to OPF maybe the most helpful photography forum, ever....

Jan 7th 2005 - link added to lotuscortinaspares - good outfit for rally car stuff

Oct 26th 2004 - link to Amazon removed. I have found them difficult to deal with, and they do not even give a phone number, so I am no longer recommending them. However, I have found Virgin Books to be helpful, and they have a phone too. Maybe you could mention this link if you speak to them.

May 12th 2004 - new link added, bottom of page

May 30th 2003 - tapping drill size chart added to 'other stuff' page (Pandora's box icon at bottom of this page).

May 29th 2003 - minor alterations on contact page and added AOL as a forwarder of SPAM (below). Also a bit more info. on home page re: lanc stuff. Someday I may be able to spare the time to get more controllers up here, but in the meantime, email your enquiries. We will always try to help, but other than what you can find on this site, we do not give away code.

April 14th 2002 - link to Gutenberg added on links page

October 4th 2001 - changes to email address - see this page

July 13th 2001 - dvin enabling info. removed

April 10th 2001 - link to music site added on links page

March 30th 2001 - Due to increased level of spam we have installed some message filters, so if you email us from AOL, Excite, Yahoo or Hotmail, then include the word 'LANC' in the subject or body of the message, else we will never see your email.

Jan 3rd 2001 - whole of site moved to our domain name -, so you can access it at and still at We have more control over what happens at, so you may eventually find shopping trolleys and all the other clutter that you know and love... but hopefully no banners or other irritations!!

Dec 27th 2000 - battery article added, (get to it from Pandora's box button below), home page and this page re-arranged, alterations to LANC pages

Oct 17th 2000 - link added for IrfanView image file viewer, modification to notes on Keene kit, counter added.

Sept 10th 2000 - revisions to LANC pages, note about radio LANC(this page), note on delivery methods (contact page)

June 7th 2000 - links from pics on home page, gif image moved from home page, background image altered, image files made smaller.

June 5th 2000 - congrats to Alex (this page)

Dec 26th 1999 - camera controller - eight button, etc. Links to useful bits and pieces - VMC-LM7 build your own. DV-in enabling, link to Ernst.

Sept 25th 1999 - Video capture cards - Canopus pages links from the index (home) page:

email address change

I have been a customer of Cable and Wireless for over 20 years. Last year part of that company was purchased by NTL. The standard of service has since deteriorated rapidly, and it has taken NTL more than three weeks to sort out a telephone problem. NTL recently announced they were not going to maintain support of the cwcom and mcmail email name servers and they are unable to offer any help whatsoever by installing a simple mail forwarding system. I, and I suspect a number of former C&W customers, have to carry out considerable work in making changes to web sites, notifying contacts, etc. Needless to say, NTL is more or less at the top of my list of cr*p companies.

Anyway, please use my new email as shown at Contact us, although for a few weeks I should still be able to get emails sent to the old address. I have updated the links on this site, and have to check other sites I have been involved in over the years. Please let me know of any errors that you find.

It may be a couple of days before the new location of is known to the whole of the www, so you may have 'not found' type messages bounced back to you.

Finally, if we're important enough, please update your bookmarks and address books. (in particular if you got to here via the site, which also soon will be disappeared.....

Congratulations are due to Alex Leger, who has won the 1999 Travelex Award for the Best Television Feature (UK) for his BBC1 Blue Peter documentary 'Journey to the Roof of Africa'. Alex took with him on the expedition a pair of RWC battery belts, chargers and solar panels. He also uses an NLE system supplied and built by ourselves.

You can purchase all the Canopus products: DVRaptor, DVRex, etc. and also the DPS product range. We will support these products as much as possible, and we can write additional software to enable a few extra features.

We are also supplying video projectors, lcd screens and plasma screens, as well as the usual computer stuff.

We have been testing industrial grade Li-ion batteries, which are available at a lower cost and are more robust than the usual camera ones, and we are considering building light weight battery belts round them..

If you want dvtapes (Panasonic 60 min or the newer 83 min tapes) then our prices can be quite competetive. We can also supply tapes to other formats.

We are continuing the development of the Lanc controller software, and we will soon be offering time lapse facilities.

Continuing on our 'modular' theme, we are currently working on a low power radio system, which will be able to control cameras via the LANC port, and also perform other functions. Short range radio control now available.

If you have special requirements, then let me know. It may well pay you to visit this site on a regular basis. Contact us for more information about any of these items, or anything else you think we may be able to help with.