Ray West (Consultancy)

Video camera control

Keene Electronics have designed a LANC controller for Sony, JVC, Canon, and Panasonic cameras. We have helped in the final development of this unit.

The controller can be connected to your PC, and the supplied software can directly control the camera. You can also download up to four commands so that the unit may be used disconnected from the PC to give control of up to four camera functions, e.g. record, stop, zoom in, zoom out. Oh, and by the way, you can also use it in programming mode to dvin enable European cam-corders and enable other features, so it is in many ways better than the Sony RM95, and far more versatile than any other widget, since it can be used for many cameras and devices. Click here for more details.

We can supply a comprehensive set of parts, or we can assemble the unit for you, or you can go to the Keene site and collect the complete construction details and related software for free. It is on the hints and tips page.