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          DeskCNC as mentioned in Model Engineers Workshop Magazine (Issue No. 95)

 available now for the UK and  Europe from rwc.
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              Software - DeskCNC
                   Information on DeskCNC  and download
                   Here is the latest PDF version of the DeskCNC manual,  about 60 A4 pages, 300 kB download
                  to help with setting up deskCNC with a 3 axes milling machine. It is currently in draft form, and comments are invited by emailing to :
                   please make the subject line = 'DeskCNC manual'
                   Here is A brief introduction to G-codes - you really need to know this, it ain't rocket science,
                   Here is A blow by blow account of using Eagle PCB software and DeskCNC - it should help you overcome other problems too.

             Stepper Motor driver boards
                   deskCNC controller description
                   deskCNC 2nd generation controller description and connections
                   deskCNC controller connection
                   Carken 4 axis driver      one A4 PDF data sheet

                   Save the hassle of ordering from the USA, and maybe the extra pain of paying import duty
                  You can buy your Geckodrives from us.
            Stepper Motors
                    from size 14 to 34 - details to follow
                    pdf version of Douglas Jones 'Stepper Motor Tutorial Paper'    70 A4 pages, 500kB download
                    a basic guide to stepper motors - from the Geckodrives site    18 A4 pages, 203kB download

           Milling cutters and spindles
                   carbide chip breakers sizes 0.8mm to 3.0mm diameter  - other sizes available
                   information on variable speed drive  - how to alter the parameters of an HY inverter, or chose a pdf version here

           Something for nothing
                    Drill and tap chart - Print It, Laminate It, Use It (small pdf file, 2 A4 pages)
                    Speed/Feed chart for milling cutters and slot drills (small pdf file, 1 A4 page)
                    True Type fonts to G-code software (free software)
                    getting around to it
                    converts betweenn various units, eg. miles to kilometres, lbs to kg, etc., (free software)
                    scale conversion program, useful for model makers (free software)

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