How to set-up the HY inverter.

The Huanyang inverter is normally supplied with an instruction manual. It describes the various PD settings that can be applied. There is also other information available from other sources, but none of them are very clear in explaining how to actually change the settings, so hopefully this page will explain that procedure. You will need to refer to the manual for an explanation of the various PDs and the values that can be applied.

When the unit is powered up, after a delay of a few seconds, the power LED glows, the numeric display flashes and the cooling fan starts up – I will refer to this state as the initial state. In order to change any PD value, PD number 000 value has to be set to 0, so that all the other parameters are unlocked and their values can be set as required. When setting parameters, if you delay too long between making changes, (more than about 5 seconds) the system will revert to the initial state, and if you are too quick, in particular when using the mode key, the values may not be registered. To lock the changed values (preventing inadvertent changes), reset PD000 back to 1.

From the initial state, press the mode key (>>) a number of times, so that the 'For' LED is flashing, and the 'Hz' LED is on steady.

Then press 'PRGM' so that the display shows PD000

Then press 'PRGM' again and the display will show '1' ( '1' is the existing value stored in parameter location '0')

Change the '1' to '0' by pressing the 'down arrow' button then press 'SET' to store the value. The display should then show 'End', and if you wait a few seconds the system returns to the initial state.

You can now change the values for other parameters by a similar method. To select a particular parameter, press 'PRGM' button, then choose its number by means of the up/down arrow keys and the mode key, until the correct PD number is displayed e.g. PD143, then press 'PRGM' again, and use the arrow keys and the mode key to enter the correct value for that PD, then press 'SET', whereupon 'End' will be displayed.

When you have set all the parameters, do not forget to set PD000 back to 1.

Ray West - October 2014