Ray West (Consultancy)

Video camera control details for Keene Kit

The unit can be used to remotely control Panasonic, JVC, Canon and Sony cameras, which have a LANC socket. (JVC cameras must have the 5 pin connector, and a Panasonic controller can not control the other makes, since it uses an entirely different LANC protocol). The controller is used to interface the camera to a PC, or in a 'stand alone' mode. In stand alone mode, then the LCD will display time code and commands. Commands are entered via four buttons or external switches. You can preprogram the four buttons to select from the following fourteen commands (Some cameras do not enable all of the commands): play, record, stop, fast forward, rewind, pause, stop/start, zoom in, zoom out, slow, X2, power on/off, data on/off, wbl on/off

When connected to the PC, and the software switched to VCR mode, then the following controls are available: rewind, stop, pause, play, fast forward, record. There is a function display, frame counter display and a counter reset button. The buttons and LCD of the controller remain enabled.

When switched to camera mode, then the following additional functions are available, namely: zoom in, zoom out, focus in, focus out, focus on/off, and an additional stop/start button and a countdown display.

In programming mode, some of the internal camera settings can be adjusted. This mode would be used to enable DVIN for many of the European cameras, for example. We have the codes for some of the Sony models. We can accept no liabilty as to the effect of using this mode, it is easy to set the camera to 'unuseable mode'. There is therefore a few checks made when you enter this mode, to ensure that this is really what you want to do.

Options allow you to select the Com port, and service mode for Sony, Canon and Panasonic. Because of the non-standard way in which the various manufacturers implement cue/review, then this feature can be set to 'latching', 'release' or 'cue=cue'.

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