Ray West (Consultancy)

PCB for LANC Controller (Keene Kit)

If you go to the Keene site, then follow the links, you will find all the constructional details, parts list, pcb layout and software, so you can build the controller yourself. Keene can supply you with the pre-programmed PIC, and a quality printed circuit board. It is expected that you will be familiar with electronic construction techniques if you adopt this approach. They, or we, will not be able to offer any support for this.

Be aware, that there are a few minor errors in the schematic and pcb layouts. Anyone who is familiar with electronics will be able to sort them out for themselves, so please do not bother us or Keene with difficulties that you may have with building this kit from components purchased elsewhere.

The information on the Keene site mainly consists of a fairly large 'zip' file, which unzips into a number of files, including source code and pcb layout, etc. However, the PCB layout is produced by 'Protel' PCB design software, and you may not have access to this, and thus be unable to view the PCB layout, etc. I have therefore combined the PCB layout and component layout bmp images as a single zipped file, which is 765k in length, for you to download. You can unzip this file ( to 'pcblank,bmp' which is the pcb track layout and is 122K Bytes long. This should give a full size PCB layout if printed out at 300dpi. Note that the letters TR will be etched in the top right hand corner of the copper side of the PCB. (if you are using a photographic process, then the image on the film may need to be a mirror image to achieve this).The other file is named 'complay.bmp', and is the component layout and is 957K Bytes long.

This layout is slightly different than that provided by Keene, since I have made it slightly easier for home production, using the method described here. There are no vias between pads, and I have smoothed out some of the sharp pcb trackwork close to the solder pads, to eliminate solder bridging on home produced, non solder masked PCB's. The component layout diagram has been quickly altered to show the location of a new link (Link 6) below U3, but the trackwork for 'complay.bmp' has not otherwise been altered to be the same as for 'pcblank.bmp'.

If you want to build this unit for yourself, then copy these two image files, go to the Keene site and read what they have to say (it's in the 'hints and tips' section, I believe), and download the zip file with all the source code (PIC assembler code and Microsoft Visual Basic), and other construction notes.

Remember, if this all seems like too much effort, then Keene can provide the pre-programmed PIC and a professionally produced PCB at a reasonable cost, or we can supply a full kit of parts, including a pre-machined plastic case, or we can supply a fully built and tested unit. These will normally be supplied with a cable to connect to a Sony LANC port. For a small additional fee other cables can be supplied if requested, including the PC serial connecting cable, and we can also add terminal blocks to allow alternative switches to be used.

Further details of the controller's functions.