Ray West (Consultancy)
JC-10 Jog/Shuttle controller.

Illustrated above, his device offers a traditional method of controlling analogue, DV and software video footage. It operates with both the DVRex and DVRaptor boards. It provides hardware controls for batch capture, clip trimming, recording to disk and timeline navigation. In DV Deck mode the controller can be used to navigate through the camera's or deck's footage and uses the DV timecode to batch capture to the hard drive. In analogue Deck mode, from within Adobe Premiere 5.1, the JC-10 allows the user to control and batch capture from analogue decks/cameras through RS-422, RS-232, LANC and 5-Pin.

Raptor /Rex Comparison.

This chart compares the Raptor and Rex with products from other manufacturers. For comparison purposes only, prices are shown in US dollars. Email us for our current prices (note that our UK Raptor board is suitable for both NTSC and PAL video standards).

Other Canopus Products.

Canopus are developing their own high speed editing software - Rex Edit and Raptor Edit. Rex FX is a high speed effects accelerator for Rex/Raptor. Amber is an MPEG2 Encoder/Decoder with DVD-Ram drive. Raptor Bay is a panel to mount on the front of your PC, to allow easy access to the Raptor connections which otherwise are at the back of the PC.

The boards are priced according to the software packages chosen - Adobe Premiere & Boris FX, Ulead Media Studio Pro and Boris FX, or the lowest cost option is with Adobe Premiere L.E. Email us for our prices and other information.